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The only thing that sets one bail bondsman apart from the next in the consumer’s eye is marketing. Courts and state law dictate the procedure. Even the price you charge is controlled by the state. In addition, laws differ among states and jurisdictions regarding what bail bondsmen can and cannot do, which makes matters more complex. To be successful in the competitive bail bonds business, you often need to be creative.

Name and Mascot
If you look around, you might see some crime-related monikers on the market, such as Goodfellas Bonds, or some practical but boring names such as Anytime Bonds. When you’re choosing a name for your bail bondsman business, be more creative. For example, you could choose the name “Freebird” Bonds and use a cartoon bird as your mascot. Or you could follow the example of Bad Boys Bail Bonds and use a “mama” mascot, similar to the Martin Lawrence character “Big Momma.”
Create a Website
Taking out a Yellow Pages advertisement is no longer good enough in many cases to market your bail bondsman service. People are often not home when they receive a call that a loved one has been arrested. They want immediate access to information on whom to call and will use their cellphones if they can to search for bail bondsmen. If you do not have an online presence, you would miss out on this market. Your website can explain how the bail bond procedure works and how to contact you.
Shoot a Video
Catch people’s attention with a video on your website. Many people are confused and frightened when dealing with a loved one in jail. Post a video that shows your personality on your website. Do this by shooting a video of a standard interview of you explaining the process in a reassuring way or by creating a “webisode” that could feature a person in the position of learning a loved one has been incarcerated, all the way to bailing him out.
Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla marketing, from the term guerilla warfare, involves using irregular or innovative, low-cost ideas to surprise people and catch their attention. People who use it think outside the box to come up with unconventional ways to create buzz. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of several guerilla-marketing books, says that you need to be committed to your guerilla-marketing efforts to be successful. You also need to be consistent to give people time to trust you and confident enough to earn the public’s confidence. Bad Boys Bail Bonds uses guerilla marketing by having a group sit behind players’ benches at the San Jose Sharks hockey games. The group wears neon T-shirts that advertise the bail bond company.
Know the Law
Make sure you know the laws in your jurisdiction or you could be arrested, necessitating your own bail bondsman. A Santa Ana, California, bond agent was arrested in 2010 for soliciting attorney referrals and mass mailing fliers to an Orange County jail. Both actions are illegal in California.


There Home Page says it all.
Welcome To The SOUD Law Firm – We’re Committed To Your Case
A consultation with my firm is where you and I would have a calm, informative, clear and lengthy conversation about what your legal situation is and what your opportunities and options are. I will conclude our meeting with an offer to either hire me and my firm as your lawyers or take the time you need, discuss the matter with family and if you decide to hire me, then hire me. You will not be pressured to do anything. You should be 100% comfortable with your decision. I call this the “Zero pressure + Maximum Information Initial Conference” and it is free.
Did you notice our slogan? “COMMITTED TO YOUR CASE” What that means is, we are…
Committed your legal rights (whether in regards to injury cases or criminal defense) we will closely manage your case, the investigation and its costs. We will endeavor to achieve maximum opportunity for you, be it a recovery or favorable outcome to a criminal charge..
Committed to recovering or limiting your financial losses – in injury cases we will work to recoup your out-of-pocket expenses and in other matters, such as criminal defense cases, we strive to limit fees, costs and fines.
Committed to your family’s unexpected concerns – to the extent you approve, we will explain, inform and counsel your immediate family members with compassion and detail so they know what you are going through and what will best help you cope and regain. The burden on our clients is not the only burden. Family member suffer as well. We realize that are are here to help and consider it our job to make a positive difference.
Committed to your “One Shot” opportunity – We will be an aggressive and zealous advocate for YOU. Our role will be to develop and present all evidence and argument in support of YOUR position. It is our belief that it is our job to advocate and forcefully argue your case to “the other-side”, to the other attorney and before the judge and jurors.